Friday, April 22, 2011

Art Alexakis Tattoos

Art Alexakis is the singer, lead guitarist and songwriter of the rock group, Everclear.

Art Alexakis has quite a few tattoo designs, mainly focusing on his arms which are covered in two very colorful sleeves.

Some of the tattoos within the sleeve on his right arm include, a handful of cartoon characters, like the Cat In The Hat with the Grinch on his bicep, on his forearm is all three of the "Powder Puff Girls" Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Plus a large 3D spiderweb on his elbow, and a man with an umbrella and top-hat.

The designs on his left arm include, a large band of tribal markings on his upper arm, a Koi fish on the inside of his forearm and fish gills pretty much cover his entire left arm.

Art Alexakis has a slew of other tattoo designs, including the name of his ex wife behind his right ear, and a tattooed wedding ring, for which he has been quoted as saying "Well, it is very romantic and a lovely idea, but I don't recommend it"

Checkout these pictures of Art Alexakis's tattoo artwork.

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